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Family Testimonial

Patient Testimonials

I just completed my 3rd and final Morpheus treatment on my stretch marks and I am amazed!  I have had purple-looking, large stretch marks on my stomach since my pregnancy that would not go away.  I tried Mederma cream, cocoa butter, scar treatments, and nothing has helped.  Now my stretch marks are barely visible.  They have shrunken in size and are lighter in color, matching my skin tone.  My only regret is not having done this BEFORE swimsuit season.

– AG

No one wants to talk about stress incontinence, but after delivering a large baby vaginally and fighting incontinence for years it was time for some help!! Dr Smith has a new in-office VOTIVA treatment that is a game changer! For me it was not painful. Not going to lie, it was a bit strange and awkward, but no pain. I noticed a difference the next day after my 1st of 3 treatments. I couldn’t believe less than 24 hours after treatment sneezing without leaking.

– ML

Dr. Smith has a bedside manner that is so endearing and an obvious love for her patients. Her knowledge is admirable and is able to manage a range of problems from infection, gestational diabetes, to thyroid hormone abnormalities as well as multiple obstetric and gynecologic issues. I have had a wonderful experience with her and her office.

– AG

Dr. Smith has been treating me for 10 years, has taken care of both of my daughters, and delivered all four of my grandchildren. They are great. Everyone here is very welcoming. You always feel comfortable coming here. They are very genuine in their approach.

– AY