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  • Obstetrics

    Pre-conception counseling
  • Prenatal care for routine and high-risk pregnancies
  • Deliveries
  • Post partum care
  • Cord blood collection for banking
  • Medical ultrasound
  • Fetal photography with 3D/4D imaging

At Wise OBGYN we offer the full range of Obstetric care, including preconception counseling. That includes optimizing maternal health prior to conception, fertility planning and starting vitamins before getting pregnant.

Once pregnancy is diagnosed, we start with an ultrasound to confirm and initiate prenatal care. Routine prenatal care includes office visits at prescribed intervals, lab work for screening (including sex and genetic screening) and another ultrasound to evaluate fetal anatomy. We can also care for most high risk pregnancies, sometimes in consultation with Maternal/Fetal Medicine specialists. Our ultrasound technologists can perform fetal photography with 3D/4D imaging.

We perform vaginal deliveries and Cesarean sections at gestational ages beyond 34 weeks through Medical City Decatur. There we can do cord blood collection for banking at patient request. Postpartum care can include in-office and at-home visits as well as lactation and pelvic floor therapy support.